Sophia Martine Colquhoun

Do more of what you love

The Zen Boss

Designed for business owners who need a trusted friend to lessen the load so they can slow down and take a breather.

You feel like if you stop it will all come crashing down​​

Feel like you’re putting out fires daily? Struggling to delegate? Wish you had tools and strategies in place so you could spend more time focusing on business growth and expansion?

My hands-on package will help you prepare for expansion by identifying value adding actions, helping you automate everyday processes, and delegate non-essential tasks to your staff. I’ll step in and help carry the load while we reorganise and rejig your business. Then, I’ll show you how it’s done so you never have to feel like you’re juggling a million things at once again but getting nowhere again.

If you feel like you’re being held back from achieving your business vision (replacing your full-time salary, being an expert in your field, or being able to pursue your passions), let me help.  Everything I do is about helping passionate business owners make sound and savvy business decisions so they can run a business they love and achieve their goals while doing it.

Here’s what you get:

Designed for business owners who need a trusted friend to lessen the load so they can slow down and take a breather.

  • Initial consult (understand business basics and identify goals/metrics),
  • Process audit (understand 1-2 processes based on business goals and identify opportunities),
  • Instructional design and training for the business owner,
  • Implementation support and guidance (e.g. 4 weeks phone support), and
  • Process change management and training for the business owner and team.

But don’t take my word for it

My clients love me because I equip them with the knowledge to make better decisions and empower them to get the work done.

Let’s work together

Because no one starts a business to send emails and fill out spreadsheets.

  1. Say hi: Book in a time for a quick chat. We need to check that my personality and working style is the right fit for you and your business dreams.

  2. Get shopping: Let’s choose a package or custom service and book it in. Payment plans are available to match your cash flow needs.  

  3. Sit back: There are no time-consuming questionnaires to complete; I’ll capture all the information I need from you.  

  4. Get excited: I’ll work my magic, so you can start doing more of what you love.

Contact me to book in a time to chat