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I help can you do more of what you love and less of what you hate.

Do you want to know how to automate, delegate and use productivity tools so you can spend more time living life, running a business you love, and pursuing your passions? Here’s how I help business owners succeed.

Leadership and management, including culture and change support.

Effective productivity and business organisation, strategy development, goal setting and measurement.

Understand your business numbers; past and future indicators from accounting, real-time reporting and analysis support. 

Process and system management including design, improvement, software choice, outsourcing and automation support.

Form creation, knowledge capture, procedural design and improvement services.


One on one customised Coaching and Consulting Services, Workshops, In-house facilitation and Training.

A Cup of Calm

Timely support - For passionate business owners who need practical and actionable advice, like, yesterday but right now will do.

Work-Life Balance Queen

Ongoing support - For business owners who need to get their stuff together and an accountability coach to make it happen.

The Zen Boss

I do projects and have retainers with business owners who need a trusted friend to lessen the load so they can slow down and take a breather.


Australia wide business coaching - get in person support and network with like-minded business folk. 


Looking for your next speaking guest? Podcasts - YouTube - Webinars - Events - Retreats 

Which Service?

Which service is right for you? 


I am a qualified Chartered Accountant with a Business Degree majoring in Accounting and Marketing. I also hold Project Management and Process Improvement qualifications.   


But perhaps, more importantly, I invest daily in my continuous learning in various areas of business, in particular, I love learning about system design, process improvement, accounting, leadership, productivity, analytics, communication, training and technical writing.


I also engage professionals to mentor, train and coach me to be the best version of myself and keep up with best practice so that my customers get the very best service.


You can learn more about me on my About page.


I am both a business consultant and coach; this means that I not only provide advice and recommendations, but I also teach you along the way to implement what you’ve learnt.


This approach can be more challenging and time intensive in the short term, but over the longer term delivers results for my customers and the satisfaction I desire from being in this business.


Not all business consultants/coaches are the same, and it’s worth investigating their backgrounds and specialisations to see if they are the right fit for your business at a particular point in time.

I’ve seen small business from multiple perspectives. My own experiences starting successful and unsuccessful small businesses, involvement with family and friends businesses from a young age, my work in government advising and auditing small businesses, right through to working as a freelancer, and the ongoing journey as an entrepreneur.

It’s fair to stay I’m obsessed with the fun, freedom and ultimate good that small business can deliver for passionate folks.

I love working with fellow small business owners and solopreneurs from creative, retail, hospitality, health-based and even equine businesses (fyi number one horse and dog fan over here!).


Many solutions transcend industries. However there will be instances where you will need specific industry and specialist advice, as an example, I am unable to provide specific car manufacturing guidance or provide legal advice. Where I am able, I will help you find a suitable expert to assist.

You’ve probably heard the expression you have to spend money to make money, and the same is true for the time; you have to ‘spend’ time to save time and see lasting results.


Although I do offer fully implemented consultation and project services, many clients see improved long-term results when they are actively engaged in the process.


To see long-term success business owners need to be good at not only what they do (their trade), but also how they deliver, via their business skill set and this is where I can help.


The specific time commitment will differ for each engagement, and we will always work closely together to ensure the plan of action is realistic and doesn’t cause additional stress when you’re already under the pump.

I can service customers globally from my computer, it allows me to offer traditionally inaccessible consultation and coaching services in a far more flexible and valuable way.

My home is currently in Australia, so depending on my workshops and travel I can often meet face to face with my fabulous customers.

We will work together using affordable resources such as phone, online tools such as Zoom/Skype and real-time document sharing platforms such as Google Documents.

 If you don’t currently use a tool or struggle with any of this, please contact me via your preferred channel to discuss a solution, I can provide training and build this into your investment.