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Is your daily to-do list a business tool?

How I turn my lists into plans – I’m not here to sell list writing to you, I want you to consider how you can use list making as a pathway to more powerful project and business management solutions.

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Is old school better?

It’s so tempting to use handouts and slides when you are presenting. 

It’s a beauty of a safety-net when you’re not feeling so confident or struggling to communicate complex information.

But arguably it’s distracting for both you and your attendees.

You find yourself struggling to push through the content (that you happily wrote on a slide the night before).

But when the questions start flowing, and the clock keeps ticking, you soon find old ‘friend’ panic at your throat. 

Check out the “old school” approach I took at a recent workshop over on instagram 

Assets = Liabilities + Equity

Accountants love things to balance. 

We have an eye for detail and will spend hours getting the numbers right. 

But what about the bigger picture? How do we take the profession of accounting and balance this with a thing called life?

Over on instagram I talk about how my beloved “asset” Stanley helps me keep balance in the everyday and in the big picture of my life. 

Don't get banished to the bushes

People don’t generally associate the business process work I do as fun.

And trust me “Standard Operating Procedures” is not a great conversation starter.  

So I was surprised recently when a client expressed genuine excitement at the prospect of reading through some strategy and process documents I was preparing. Read why over in Instagram land

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